Next century’s Entrepreneurs

Ciprian Mailat,
Ciprian Mailat,

Disgusted. I’m disgusted by the kind of journalismmany of my colleagues do these days. Sensationalism, the battle for ratings and scandalous titles have started to set the agenda every day. This is not normal. It’s not what we learned in school. And it doesn’t represent me. At the beginning of last month, during the INDAGRA fair at Romexpo, a colleague from a news channel was annoyed that she had been running after Agriculture minister Petre Daea all day, but he hadn’t dropped any bombshells, so she couldn’t get any news out of him! Too bad –companies from all over the country were there that day, as well as farmers who were eager to talk about the problems they could barely keep up with. That was the last straw for me. In the fifteen years I’ve been working in this field, I’ve never felt more alone. I said, “stop!” – it’s time for us to practice journalism in the way we were taught. This month, a few colleagues and I have decided to start a new media project. It’s not going to be easy, but we’re relying on the fact that Romania deserves more than copy-paste, more than promoting things of no value and the trashy “celebrities” who populate television sets every night.

Romanians who have chosen to stay in this country and those who have left to make a living abroad need real information and proper news. That’s what we’re going to do from now on. As always, we’re going to look for those entrepreneurs who haven’t shied away from hardship and have worked hard to build great businesses. The Romania of the next century is theirs and ours. Together we’re laying down the foundations for the next 100 years. If we don’t build anything now, our children and grandchildren will most likely not be able to celebrate Romania’s Bicentenary. We have taken the path of entrepreneurship, and now I think we’ll find out what entrepreneurs truly face. We’ll have a firsthand view of how overnight legislation affects us and our money. We don’t want any favours from the state – we just want to be allowed to do our work. We only ask you to read and follow us.


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