Selective collection: a new burden on Romanian entrepreneurs’ shoulders


Recent data show that in our country, over 470 kg of waste is generated per capita every year. For many of us, waste is an economic loss and a burden to society, but it can also be a resource when it is properly managed.

Although it is an industry that deals with “junk”, raising awareness and capitalizing on this field can help Romania build a circular economy, where nothing is wasted.

As every citizen has a duty to protect the environment around them, companies also have a duty to implement professional solutions that reduce their negative impact on the environment and the biosphere.

Besides having a vision over the development of their companies, entrepreneurs have increasingly started to have vision and objectives regarding nature, and harmonising the development of their company while showing respect for the environment. Some companies are implementing zero or negative carbon footprint policies.

For example, simply adding some selective collection bins for employees to use inside office buildings, together with a smart motivation strategy, can quickly change the way people approach this issue, by raising the collective awareness related to environmental protection. It sounds like a beautiful story, but it’s not just a story.

There are already dozens of such companies in our country that have implemented zero-waste policies and over time are generating internal values that employees naturally take on.

It is in our nature to protect our descendants, and the sooner we understand that we must reduce waste, whether generated from packaging or otherwise, the easier it will be to prevent irreversible environmental degradation, and we will be able to leave our children a green planet, which they can enjoy in peace. EcoSmart Union SA supports economic operators who want to implement selective collection solutions


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