Voicu Oprean (Arobs) unstoppable growth


The multinational from Cluj. This is what AROBS Transilvania Software is known as in the world. Why? It is among the few Romanian companies to acquire firms abroad and have international offices.

Founded in an apartment in 1998, AROBS has become a provider of innovative software development services and IT solutions for clients in 14 countries in western Europe, North America and Asia.

The company has solid expertise in software services for multiple industries as well as in Automotive, Life Sciences & IoT, Travel, Telematics or business optimisation solutions.

“We identify as European by birth, international by culture. We have been growing organically and through bold acquisitions for 21 years, enjoying our origin in a deeply European multicultural region and opening up to global communication and interaction. Based on this international culture, AROBS is constantly expanding to new markets, both in Europe and Asia,” says Voicu Oprean.

Last year, the company had over 800 employees in 7 offices in Romania and 7 international offices.

“We bought two companies in Benelux, which operate on the market under the CoSo by AROBS name. They have completed our geographical distribution, as we were already present in Germany, Hungary, the Republic of Moldova, and Indonesia,” the entrepreneur notes.

All this development was made possible by a very good human resources policy, whereby the company was able to identify, retain and attract top specialists.

“Another strategy of ours is targeting small and medium-sized communities with high potential. For us, opening offices in Iași, Suceava, Baia Mare, Târgu Mureș, Arad (but also in Budapest, Chișinău, and recently Belgrade) has meant access to highly trained people by universities with a strong image,” Oprean explains how the yearly 15% growth of the AROBS team is sustained.


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