The entrepreneurs of the future


Recent studies and the reality of Romania nowadays are both showing that more and more employees want to become entrepreneurs.

The desire to be their own boss and manage their own future is urging many to give up the comfort of being an employee in order to step onto the twisted path of doing business on their own.

It is true that most of those who take their destiny into their own hands limit themselves to creating a small business, just enough to support a single family or even a single individual. But there are also visionaries who manage to create real empires out of almost nothing. And there are plenty of examples even if some prefer not to acknowledge them.

This is the present and, at least theoretically, it guarantees an economy where competition among entrepreneurs will lead to better and better results. On the other hand, besides supporting the businesses of the present, any state that thinks about its future must create a generation of entrepreneurs who will take over and carry on today’s emulation.

And this is where we can start raising some questions! We know that many people are going into entrepreneurship head first nowadays, without having the smallest business knowledge and, more importantly, without carefully studying the market on which they want to operate.

Their adventure ends quickly and badly. We also see that the new generations of employees, the potential future entrepreneurs, have a completely different perspective on the concept of work. They prefer to work from home or from the park, take time off whenever a friend suggests an adventure away from the city, may even resign without a clear reason and, strangely, without any idea of what their next job will be.

A study by PwC found that the average period spent by employees in a company is four years, and that the most stable employees are those born before 1995! To move away from characterising young people who have just started their work lives, because there are enough relevant studies on the matter, just take some time to imagine what the entrepreneurs of the future will look like.

If you find the thought scary, go back now and start working on educating those who will be running Romanian companies and be your partners a few years from now.


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