FAN Courier – All roads lead to profit


Brothers Adrian and Neculai Mihai, together with Felix Pătrășcanu, own FAN Courier, a company established in 1998.

The route taken by the three shareholders was not an easy one, especially in the first years of entrepreneurship, when deliveries (of envelopes) in the country were done by train, as the founding members’ cars were being used in deliveries inside Bucharest. However, someone had to pick up the packages at their destination, sometimes even in the middle of the night, so the three entrepreneurs had to resort to various acquaintances, relatives or friends to help them achieve their dream.

With a lot of work and investment, the FAN Courier business started to grow, and by 2006 it was the leader of the Romanian courier market. Since then, the three entrepreneurs have managed to keep the company in first place.

“The FAN Courier project is definitely our greatest professional achievement. If we look back, we started out with a Dacia and now we have a fleet of over 4,000 vehicles; we started in an apartment and now we operate on almost 100,000 square meters,” says Felix Pătrășcanu, a founding member of the company.

Currently, FAN Courier serves over 50,000 customers, most of whom are legal entities, with the help of a team of over 6,850 employees and a fleet of over 4,200 vehicles. In 2019, the business grew by 15%, reaching EUR 168 million, and for this year, the three shareholders expect a growth of at least 10%.

“In 2019, we kept the pace of investments with over EUR 15 million allocated at the beginning of the year, of which EUR 11.5 million were allocated just for the development of the car fleet, while the rest went to training, innovation, technology projects,” says Neculai Mihai.

According to Adrian Mihai, FAN Courier will continue to carry out significant investments in 2020, most for a new HUB in Cluj, where the three shareholders expect to obtain the construction permit after almost three years of waiting.


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