Only entrepreneurs can make Romania great


I like to think that I’m a patriot. Whomever you ask, in fact, will say it loud and clear, without any doubt or philosophical reflection – Yes, I’m a patriot! But there’s a long way to go from words to action. You won’t find out whether you’re really a patriot until you’re put to the test.

There have been patriots who risked their freedom and wealth for the ideal of the Great Union, and some who have fought for the reunification of the country or in its defence. The same can be said about those who were wrongfully convicted and spent time in communist prisons, as well as those who took down a toxic regime in 1989. In other words, believing something about yourself is different from actually proving it.

Then, unfortunately, there are many who mistake nationalism for patriotism. In small doses, nationalism is beneficial, but it can become toxic when it’s exaggerated.

Unfortunately, since it’s catchy for the masses, most members of the political class have started to bet on an ultra-nationalist rhetoric. The people who can balance this dysfunctionality of Romanian society are the entrepreneurs. Even though very few are aware of it, they have enormous force. In a hostile environment, they’ve managed to build businesses worth tens of billions of euros. Some of these billions also reach the state budget through the taxes they pay. As a result, their words should be taken seriously. By getting more involved and putting pressure on decision-makers, they would have all the tools they needto make Romania a business-friendly country.

This way, the economy can grow and living standards can improve. And the country could be made to matter so much that it could even negotiate Moldova’s accession to the EU and NATO, because this would be the best way to remove the border on the Prut River. In conclusion, the future would look good if entrepreneurs were to really prove their patriotism.


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