Doing well balanced business


He has made huge investments, in terms of both money and time, to be able to build large-scale businesses. But four years ago, he realized he lacked balance.

He was spending too much time on the business and too little on himself and his family. So he decided to change his lifestyle. He got serious about sports and became extremely careful when it came to food.

Today he plays a lot of tennis, frequently runs semi-marathons and takes part in Spartan races, a demanding sport where competitors have to overcome various obstacles. Although the time he spends on his family, sports and health is the most important, he could not give up on business.

He now controls what happens in his companies and provides strategic direction, but his involvement in the operational area is reduced. The strategy seems to have been successful, as most of his companies have had positive development.

As was expected, due to its repositioning towards cash & carry trade, as well as the new investment programme, the Doraly Expo Market in Afumaţi, where the businessman has a 50% stake, has been growing.

The company made EUR 12.2 million in turnover in 2018 and a net profit of EUR 3.1 million. The development is also supported by an ambitious digital project, which aims to impose the marketplace on the e-commerce market.

Another important company controlled by the entrepreneur is real estate developer Impact Developer & Contractor. The company, in which he owns 56.7% of shares, achieved sales revenues of about RON 80 million in the first half of 2019, almost double compared to the same period of the previous year.

The most important project is the Greenfield ensemble from the Baneasa Forest, but the entrepreneur also has high expectations from the Luxuria Domenii Residence, located in the Expoziției area of Bucharest, which includes 630 luxury apartments.

The entrepreneur’s investment portfolio is completed by the building of Moldova Center in Iaşi and by Doraly Mall Constanța, where he owns the majority stake.


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