Business and good deeds


Almost three decades have passed since Alexandru Rizea opened a small carpentry workshop in Brebu, in Campina. He named it Lemet, a mix between the Romanian words for wood and metal, because he initially intended to make metallic structures.

Today, Lemet is one of the biggest Romanian furniture manufacturers. Moreover, he also developed LEMS, the largest network of furniture stores in Romania, which has reached 71 units and recorded a turnover of EUR 45.6 million last year, 12% higher than the 2018 result.

It should be noted that the Lemet platform in Brebu and the LEMS network together employ more than 1,600 employees, and the production and storage facilities in the factory cover a total area of 41,000 square meters.

Throughout the process, Alexandru Rizea was helped by his family, with his wife and two children playing a decisive role in the way the company looks today. As they are aware of the impact a serious business must have in its community, the Rizea family has a special focus on social responsibility projects, and finances humanitarian, philanthropic, cultural, artistic, educational, scientific, religious or sports activities.

For example, Lemet supported the Leaders Explore and Câmpina Open MTB – Race for Autism programmes and sponsored the Autism Voice Center in Campina. Moreover, the “Joy of winning” association and Lemet have sponsored various events carried out by schools and sports clubs, have aided the needy and have supported the restoration of some places of worship.

“We do not have a CSR strategy on paper, but it exists in everyone’s minds. It can be found in the company’s DNA, along with Lemet’s other values”, says Alexandru Rizea’s daughter, Adina Ionescu, Lemet’s CSR director.


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