With an experience of over 20 years in the telecommunications industry, Liudmila Climoc has been Chief Executive Officer at Orange Romania starting with 1 May 2016, after 7 years in the same position at the subsidiary in Moldova.

Under her management, Orange Moldova doubled its customer portfolio to over 2.6 million, consolidating the leading position of the company, with a market share of 57% in the mobile telecommunications sector. She joined Orange Moldova in 1998, where she held a number of management positions within the commercial department.

In 2008, Liudmila Climoc was promoted from the position of Chief Sales Officer to that of Chief Executive Officer. It was for the first time when the French group chose to promote a local person for a position usually reserved for expats. Liudmila Climoc graduated from the Faculty of Computer Science, Informatics and Microelectronics of the Technical University of Moldova. Although with a university background in the industrial area, she had no problem starting a career in a completely new field.

„The moment of my entry in the telecom sector was synchronized with the disappearance of the heavy industry and this opportunity opened up a new horizon for which the possibilities were endless“, the CEO of Orange Romania said in an interview for the „Cariere“ magazine.

The head of the most important player on the telecom market in Romania believes the career path must be one that grows organically, not skipping steps, and in which education plays a central role. Above all, work is the ingredient that makes career advancement guaranteed.

I come from a family where sustained work was a conviction and I took over that value, plus the curiosity to learn new things“, Liudmila Climoc said, who added that a particularly important role in her development was played by her parents, whom she considers to be true mentors. About the telecom industry, in which she has been working for more than two decades, she says it is „a good place to meet extremely passionate people, from whom you can learn something“. Not long ago, in an interview with Journal General de l‘Europe, the CEO of Orange Romania admitted that the local telecom market is an environment where competition is fierce and Romanians are very careful about the quality of services offered to them.

As regards female leadership, it is interesting that in the management board of Orange Romania 28% of the members are female, in conditions in which it is assumed that the field is almost exclusively intended to men. Specifically, everything related to company‘s finance, the human resources area and the customer service area are overseen by women. Last but not least, the reins of the entire company are also in the hands of a woman .


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