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Bitdefender is one of the top brands on the global technology market. The security solutions provided by the company founded by Florin and Măriuca Talpeş have already made history, as they secure the present and guarantee the future.

It is about millions of people and businesses of all kinds. Driven by the latest technological innovations, Bitdefender’s sales to large companies have tripled over the past three years, and the company has gained the confidence of large customers in securing hybrid infrastructures.

To keep up with the development of the last three years, the number of employees has doubled to over 1,700, of which 1,500 are in Romania and 200 in offices abroad. In addition, it is important to note that Bitdefender security solutions and products are fully developed in Romania, but also that Bitdefender has the highest share of R&D personnel among computer security companies, namely 50% of employees.

Last year, Bitdefender opened a new office in Târgu Mureș, its fifth in Romania, adding to those in Bucharest, Timișoara, Cluj-Napoca, and Iași. Romania has a lot to gain from the company’s impressive development. First, Bitdefender’s global success improves the country’s image. Second, the company is a major employer and therefore a major contributor to the state budget.

And last but not least, the Talpeş spouses are very committed to social responsibility, having invested in many educational projects. This year, for example, Bitdefender is supporting the EduNetworks project, which aims to turn the Romanian education system into one of the top ten systems in Europe by 2035. It brings together nine organisations, over 50 business mentors and 68 education specialists, and will be implemented over the next four years in 114 schools, reaching nearly 65,000 students.

The strategy of a global brand

In order to bring innovative technological solutions to as many markets as possible, Bitdefender, a company founded by Florin and Măriuca Talpeş, is focusing on its expansion strategy. And it has come up with a business model which is interesting, to say the least.

The company’s presence in certain areas is ensured through exclusive partners, who fully control sales and marketing activities for the company’s products.

“The decision to acquire certain partners is made in order to accelerate the development in markets of strategic importance through massive investments meant to strengthen the relationship with the distributors and customers,” Bitdefender representatives explained.

A part of this strategy was the acquisition of Dutch company RedSocks Security BV in the winter of 2018. The investment expanded the solutions portfolio in the areas of network security and monitoring complex IT threats, and marked a new step in the company’s development. Currently, Bitdefender has 19 offices in 13 countries, most recently having opened offices in Melbourne (Australia) and The Hague (Netherlands).


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