Modernizing the Romanian Telecom infrastructure


Founded in 1997, Electrogrup, the company owned by Teofil and Simion Muresan, is the largest subsidiary of the E-INFRA group, both in terms of revenues as well as by the number of employees, offering services on three sectors: infrastructure services in complex energy, telecommunications and civil industrial construction projects.

Electrogrup is now one of the biggest companies building telecommunications infrastructure in Romania, having installed more than 15,000 km of fiber optic cable and having over 1,500 telecommunication sites and towers, as well as over 2,500 installed radio access networks. E-INFRA’s operations involve several companies – Electrogrup and Wesee in infrastructure services, Direct One and Netcity in telecommunications and Nova Power & Gas in the energy sector.

Teofil Muresan is an experienced entrepreneur in everything related to telecommunications infrastructure and electrical engineering. The businessman started his career at the National Energy Dispatch, where he quickly advanced and became the youngest Chief Dispatcher. His education included an executive programme at Harvard Business School, an MBA from London Business School and a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering.

When Muresan founded Electrogrup in 1997, the company initially offered engineering consulting services to newly-established mobile communications companies in Romania. At that time, these multinational companies needed young local professionals with a good understanding of the telecommunications and energy infrastructure in Romania, in order to help them design and build their own infrastructure. “My decision to start the business came when I was 31 – even though I had a good job, I wanted more and I wanted things to happen more quickly. My options were to either leave the country or choose the Romanian private sector. So, in March 1997, I started Electrogrup,” says the entrepreneur.

Electrogrup shortly started to diversify its services from designing to building GSM sites and became one of the most important telecommunications infrastructure builders in Romania, having taken part in some of the most important projects in the country.

The first EMBA in Cluj

Today, Electrogrup and its affiliates operate in complementary sectors, such as utilities and engineering for the telecommunications sector or gas and electricity, with combined revenues of over EUR 103,7 million in 2017.

Since he is also interested in academic training in his sector, Teofil Muresan is the entrepreneur who managed to bring the first EMBA to Cluj-Napoca, in partnership with the University of Hull in the United Kingdom.

Personally, Teofil Muresan is a golf and table tennis enthusiast. “I’ve been playing a lot of golf in the past year. I also play table tennis and go to the gym. I read history books and biographies, along with business books. When I visit a city I look for old or new buildings that have special architecture, parks, restaurants and museums”, he says.

Simion Muresan is leading the group’s civil infrastructure projects. He joined his brother Teofil in 1997 and supported the group’s growth in various capacities in the group’s Cluj offices. Lately, Simion Muresan has coordinated Electrogrup’s international business projects, in places like Poland, Russia, Germany and the United Kingdom.

473,6 million RON E-INFRA‘s turnover in 2017

Romania needs a stable fiscal and legislative framework. Frequent changes put a lot of pressure on companies.


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