Iulian Stanciu – A leader’s strategy


Flanco, eMAG, Fashion Days, Network One Distribution, Pegas. These are just some of the businesses owned by Iulian Stanciu, the entrepreneur who we can say has revolutionised the Romanian retail market.

eMAG is an undisputed leader in online sales, its strategy of aggressive expansion and the development of its marketplace platform both having been very inspired. Of course, being backed by the Naspers group, which owns 80% of Dante International, the company behind the leader of online retail in Romania, was enormously important.

The success of the business model is best proven by the Black Friday sales, a concept that was also first brought to the Romanian market by Iulian Stanciu. Black Friday brought eMAG a record of over 10.8 million visits and product orders worth over RON 499 million (approximately 104 million euros).

“Last year we had several joyful moments, but our greatest satisfaction comes when our customers are satisfied. For example, we managed to deliver 99% of the Black Friday orders within the planned period, by November 28th,” said Iulian Stanciu.

Also last year, major efforts were made to make the eMAG Marketplace platform even more efficient, as it accounts for about half of the sales recorded on eMAG. The 19,600 retailers selling on the marketplace have access to two new tools: eMAG Academy and Fulfillment by eMAG. “In order to support the sellers on the platform, we have signed a partnership with Idea Bank whereby sellers can finance their current activity and gain greater negotiation power, leading to better prices for customers,” Iulian Stanciu explains.

Other important steps are bringing international sellers to the platform and the project by which Romanian sellers are helped to reach markets in France, Germany, and Italy. eMAG CEO Iulian Stanciu owns about 20% of the company’s shares.

He also owns Network One Distribution, the leader of the Romanian electro-IT distribution market, and Flanco, one of the top retailers in this segment.


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