First lessons I’ve learned as an entrepreneur


In a few months i will turn one since I have become an entrepreneur. Until now, this new world has been kind to me. It didn’t show its claws yet and it didn’t bite off much of my confidence and commitment to my path, it didn’t show me failure and it seems it’s posponing any hard lessons for later.

As much as I have read, or listened to others share their experience, I don’t think it’s enough knowledge to prepare you and to give you the wisdom you need in faced with disaster. Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t started with the idea that i am going to fail. I am just trying to educate myself to accept failure as a possible scenario, that will not stop me in my journey as an entrepreneur.

I want to emphasize that this journey is like going to university again, and it obliges you to study alot, to educate yourself, and this is something not to be ignored.

Here are some pozitive lessons that I have exprienced during this past year, that I have heard about from others, but, until you experience them you are not able to trully get their depth and value:

  1. Staying true to yourself will bring you the success you need.
  2. Don’t start by trying to do things you are not good at. Go with the only thing you are excelent at.
  3. Don’t allow fear to decide along you the value of your work.
  4. Courage is good. Especially from a certain age, when you combine it with experience.
  5. Never stop educating yourself. My got to: courses, books, podcasts
  6. Try to get involved in projects that bring added value to your community.
  7. Never stop the journey of finding yourself: emotionally, spiritually, intelectually.
  8. Don’t step into the next level unprepaired. Don’t rush success.


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