A guide to good business for entrepreneurs


They say it’s easy making a million dollars when you have ten million in your account but making the first ten dollars when you got nothing is the toughest part for an entrepreneur.

And so, in order to start a business from scratch, one should remember that before any MBA and industry events, we should work on our own self, the first impression we make, our soft-skills that get us liked in a room full of strangers and welcome in any group conversation at those industry events.

Surely we can practice these skills but it all starts with being mindful of the people around us, with the belief that everyone is a VIP and everyone should be treated as they wished to be treated. This is what should guide our behavior and this is what’ll get others to ,,put it a good word’’ for us.

And today more than ever we see that it’s those people who are good with people that attract the opportunities and the investments, way more than technically skilled people that decide to ,,open something on their own’’.

That amazing personal brand that we keep hearing about as highly desirable will not happen by carefully curating our image always. It’s simply by common-sense and acting in a way that puts other people above our own comfort.

Showing respect to everyone, regardless of their professional status, clearing our debts, whether it’s paying the bills or saying ,,thank you’’, keeping our promises, from providing help or honoring a deadline, allowing people to save face, being open to foreign cultures, not interrupting someone when they speak, making sure our dinner guest gets the best treatment, wearing that uncomfortable suit at an event if the dresscode says so – these are all sample of curtesy in the business environment that we wish to see more often from the Romanian entrepreneurs.

For everyone around, entrepreneurs symbolize vision, challenges and motivation. Entrepreneurs inspire. But if their businesses are struggling, maybe it’s time for a personal introspection on one’s own manners


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