Investors’ thirst


Octavian and Sofia Cretu, together with Nicolae Palfi, own the Romaqua Group. The Romaqua business was built on top of the former state company Comchim, and Octavian and Sofia are the main shareholders today, owning 60.62 percent of the shares, while Palfi, the company’s vice president, is a minority shareholder, with a 30.7 percent stake.

Romaqua Group was founded in 1998, and built with Romanian private capital. Over its 19 years of existence, significant investments have been made totalling over EUR 220 million, primarily in state-of-the-art technology and equipment, in order to obtain products of the highest standard.

The group has about 2,000 employees working in six factories, located in Borsec, Bucharest, Busteni, Sebes and Stanceni. The Sebes beer factory is a greenfield project developed in 2008, using the best technology available at that time. The past three years have brought healthy growth for the Romaqua Group, and 2018 has followed the same trend, with investments being the main pillar to support performance.

In June, Nicolae Palfi said that Romaqua would invest between 30 and 40 million euros in the upcoming year to refurbish its current factories, integrate new technologies and build a new factory in Azuga, Brasov County. In 2017, Romaqua Group had a turnover of EUR 154 million, a 10 percent growth from the previous year, according to data provided by the Public Finance Ministry.

154 million euros Romaqua Group‘s turnover in 2017


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