Anastasia’s perfect eyebrows


A job like any other in a beauty salon. That’s the beginning of Anastasia Soare’s story in America, the land of opportunity.

Born in Constanta in a traditional Macedonian family, Anastasia (60) inherited the business flair from her mother, who had a small sewing workshop with a few girls employed to work the machines.

That’s where the young girl, aged 12 or 13, had her first “customer service” lessons, with customers trying on their dresses, and she later applied those lessons to her own business.

Now, Anastasia Soare is leading a real empire in the US, with 1,500 stores where professional eyebrow products are sold, as well as several franchises in Mexico, Thailand and Japan. She’s known as “The Eyebrow Queen of Hollywood,” and she’s worked with stars like Madonna, Jennifer Lopez or Oprah, and managed to perform not just through her beauty salons, but also through her product line under the name of Anastasia Beverly Hills, which was launched in 2002.

Her products are sold in Europe too, including in Romania, and the entrepreneur has opened several Anastasia Beverly Hills salons in Bucharest over the past few years. The US press recently wrote that the TPG Capital investment fund was negotiating to take over a part of Anastasia’s company, in a billion-dollar transaction.


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